Ginger Lemon Green tea

The esthetic blend is crafted gathering the generations-old traditional experiences. The blend has a pleasant tangy flavour and the combination of ginger and lemon will support a healthy digestive system.


– Green tea

– Ginger root

– Natural lemon and ginger flavours

Pure Ceylon GreenTea

A carefully picked blend of Ceylon’s finest green teas organically grown at plantations that focus on natural growth technics. This blend has been handcrafted by our experienced blenders to bring you the best taste of green teas.


– Pure Ceylon Green Tea.

Lemon Mint Green Tea

A tangy cooler ideal for any occasion to create that perfect cocktail or mocktail with much confidence. The end result can be cooled immediately after brewing to make a matching base for white spirits.


– Green tea

– Natural lemon and mint flavours

Lemongrass Green Tea

Lemongrass is full of many health benefits. Apart from adding a splendid citrus flavour into your cup, it could help with weight management and provide antimicrobial properties.


– Green tea.

– Lemongrass.